Aims & Objectives

  1. Sharing is caring
  2. Measure strides taking place in livestock, poultry and agriculture sectors in Pakistan and globally
  3. Create awareness in farming community about advanced production systems
  4. Create awareness in farming community about beef yields programs
  5. Create awareness among farming community about milk yield programs
  6. Networking among key people in corporate commercial sectors, academic institutes, professionals and field veterinarians and agrarians
  7. Build association with business community and traders
  8. Create interest among people about technical writing
  9. Standard marketing of dairy, poultry and agriculture products
  10. Provide farmers , professionals and trading community an open forum for discussion
  11. Provide Professionals freedom of expression
  12. Change mode of transforming knowledge
  13. Create sense of innovative horizons such as silage making, selection of ingredients, efficient cost of production in feed technology
  14. Mass education over new technologies in other continents of the world
  15. Share cross cultural experience
  16. Awareness on consumer education
  17. Awareness on safe and healthy food
  18. Defining process seed to feed to food