Pakistan Poultry Experts committee recently formed by the Secretory Livestock and Dairy Department, Govt. of Punjab to discuss the impact of ongoing ban on GMO soybean and factors causing abrupt increase in price of poultry products. The situation in the country is worrisome and such immediate actions indicates that Government department are focused to limit the disruption in the poultry supply chain and ensure continued supply of healthy chicken for the masses.

The special meeting reviewed the past 5 years in terms of supply of feed, production of chicken and chicken meat, its supply within Punjab and supply from Punjab to other provinces  and analyzed the impact it will have on people, performance and profitability in near future. The committee proposed suggestions to government to resolve the issue, improve and facilitate the poultry production.

Chicken prices have gone high amid this ban as farmers are unable to feed their birds which halt their performance and ate their margins. Despite this, chicken reigns supreme for many reasons, it’s nutritious, healthy, versatile, convenient and still inexpensive than other meat sources. Poultry farming practices has become sophisticated over time in Pakistan and all the health protection principles and standards are strictly followed while producing chicken. The ongoing situation at production side must be managed at earliest and poultry farmers must be facilitated in production to ensure sustainability and food security. Recently, the Punjab Agricultural Research Board (PARB) approved oilseed and soybean project worth around Rs 100 billion which will support the farmers and ultimately strengthen the country’s economy.

This year for World Poultry day, we came up with the theme of Healthy Chicken, Healthy Planet, Healthy you; the purpose is to create awareness among general public about the positive impact of chicken on health and planet, and improve the consumption pattern by busting the associated myths. Around the globe, climate smart farming system are getting huge attention to ensure responsible use of resources, welfare and planetary health while producing food for the growing population. For this reason, we’ll join to educate the farmers in Pakistan about the sustainable climate friendly practices in poultry farming. This month edition reports the innovations and collaborations taking place in different agrifood sector for the development and sustainability purpose. Countries are planning long term solutions and exploring collaboration opportunities to speed up the process of achieving their goals. Recently, Alltech joined forces with Finnforel for sustainable aquafeed production, which will complete Finnforel’s sustainable circular-economy fish-farming chain while also enhancing aquaculture producers’ access to Alltech’s nutritional technologies.

March is full of opportunities to connect, interact and raise awareness as we celebrate world poultry day and water day, both essential elements of life. Tap these opportunities and join hands to make the change happen.

This edition’s ABCD corner covers why dressing professionally matters, aqua in depth share ways to optimize the stability of biofloc system and voice of professional highlights how to foster a healthy gut in poultry: three defining elements for optimal gut health.

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