The Arabian oryx may be the national animal of the UAE, but the country has an undeniable affinity with horses. The majestic animals are beloved the country over, so it is only natural that state-of-the-art facilities have been established to ensure they get the best possible care. One such facility is the Equine Hydrotherapy Centre in Sharjah, run and founded by Greg Neil. The center offers maintenance and rehabilitation services, with facilities that include an equine aqua treadmill, a sea walker, solarium, hydrotherapy, thermal imaging and laser treatments. The low-impact training practices are noted for helping to build muscle and stamina, and can be turned to as a holistic, drug-free alternative when seeking equine therapy. The center is open for public use with a range of packages available to owners. The benefits of hydrotherapy are countless. When speaking about the advantages of aquatic exercise, Rasha Hina, owner of Arabian Star Stables, said they include “improving a horse’s bone density and strengthening muscles without risking any injuries, because when the horse swims in the water, there is no body weight or pressure on their bones or tendons. “For race horses, for example, we make a swimming schedule in a special pool, to help improve their stamina and strengthen their heart for long-distance races.”