MoU Signing Ceremony Alltech Pakistan & University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Alltech Pakistan inks MoU with University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS). The collaboration has made to quantify the greenhouse (GHGs) emissions from dairy sector and promote advance climate-smart practices to mitigate these emissions. Dairy industry has great contribution to country’s GDP and has an essential role in food and nutritional security. However, the dairy practices are mostly conventional and emits GHGs which are responsible for climate change.  With growing population and urbanization, huge pressure will be exerted on animal protein to meet the demand. Increasing animal heads and practicing conventional dairy will exacerbate the climate situation. It is therefore, important to measure the impact of current dairy practices, adapt and promote climate-smart practices to control and mitigate the associated negative impact.

Alltech Pakistan is committed to its global vision of working together for the planet of plenty and believes that collaborations are must to combat the challenge of climate change, food security and sustainability. Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon, Director/CEO Alltech Pakistan shared that the aim is to go beyond net zero that is net positive. The learnings of this project will not only be effective in mitigating the climate impact of dairy but will also improve performance and profitability. He briefed that the collaboration will involve technologies and services backed by science at the field, feed, farm and food level. It will assist in developing sustainable and traceable peri-urban dairy model farms. He appreciated efforts and collaborations of UVAS for dairy industry uplift.