IMPACT- Imagine, Prepare and Act

Climate change, food security and sustainability are the focus of today for a safer, healthier and sustainable future. But it would not be achievable by working on individual level and demands working in collaborations that is working together for a planet of plenty. To create a net positive impact, we have to imagine the possibilities, prepare for those and should take appropriate and speedy actions.

For this reason, we gave year 2023 theme of IMPACT- Imagine, Prepare and Act. The idea is to analyze the challenges of agrifood industry with scientific lens and turn those into opportunities.

Agriculture-livestock is key player in Pakistan economy and plays essential role in food and nutritional security. Most of the farming practices are conventional and emit green house gases (GHGs) causing rapid climate change. Climate change is a global concern and threatens sustainability. Many initiatives globally have been taken to mitigate the emissions related to agriculture-livestock. In Pakistan, climate related studies are getting attention.

This month edition covers reports related to climate-smart initiatives happening both locally and globally. The promising initiatives taken locally first, the animal disease surveillance tool launched in collaboration of Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Government of Pakistan and Food and Agriculture Organization. Secondly, collaboration between University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and Alltech Pakistan focusing on the quantification of greenhouse gases from dairy sector and its mitigation through climate-smart dairy practices.

Dairy practices in Pakistan are mostly conventional and if left unchanged may pose a severe risk of climate change and food insecurity. Therefore, it is important to measure the impact of conventional practices on the environment. Make strategic modifications at nutrition, management and genetics level to control the emissions and meet the demand of protein sustainably.

The initiatives will set new direction for the livestock sector and will make it perform to its fullest potential. Collaboration is the way forward. Together, we need to create awareness in local farmers about the climate-smart practices and how doing so, can fuel their farm performance and profitability. We have to think beyond net zero, prepare and take actions that could be effective in achieving a net positive status. We are optimistic that combined efforts will definitely speed up the process and helpful in building a traceable and sustainable livestock.

This edition’s Aqua in depth covers how oral vaccines work in aquaculture and voice of professional shares practices for optimizing winter ventilation in broiler.

Happy reading!