Representatives of poultry sector decried curbs on release of imported soybean, Ch Muhammad Nusrat Tahir, Regional Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA), led a rally taken out for highlighting plight of poultry industry. The protest rally was organized from Alhamra Arts Council to Governor’s House, Mall Road. This protest rally was taken out due to the non-clearance of soybean vessels at Qasim Port Karachi. Soybean shipments are present at Qasim Port Karachi since October 20, 2022, but they have not yet received clearance. Speaking on the occasion, PPA chairman said poultry sector supplies prime quality protein food in the form of poultry meat and eggs, at a very affordable price. He said that soybean is an important ingredient of poultry feed. It’s unavailability will lead to shortage of poultry feed which will ultimately affect poultry production. Due to which chicken meat and eggs will not be available to the masses in coming days. He said that if soybeans do not get clearance, poultry farmers will suffer a lot. Poultry farmers are already facing heavy losses and due to soybeans unavailability, the price of poultry feed has gone up. About 15 lakh people are employed in this industry, the destruction of this industry will make 15 lakh people unemployed. The non-clearance of soybeans will have a very negative impact on the prices of eggs and poultry. Eggs and poultry are a source of animal protein that is within the reach of the common man, but its increasing cost makes it inaccessible to the common man, he added. The poultry industry has developed a lot in the last fifty years and has played a very important role in providing animal protein. He demanded of the Government to immediately release Soybean shipments currently stranded at port to avoid an acute shortage of chicken meat and eggs in the country and abnormal price hikes.