The AquaWind project sparked great interest at the Cádiz National Aquaculture Congress, held in the Andalusian Conference Centre, as it showcased leading tech across the fish farming and renewable energy sectors. Under the slogan “Aquaculture: seas and rivers of opportunities” of the XVIII National Aquaculture Congress, the AquaWind presentation touched on key themes of the conference. The project links offshore wind energy and marine fish production in the same floating platform. The initiative promises to bring real development opportunities at the national level, both in the field of fish farming, renewable energy and blue growth, as well as being an example of entrepreneurship and a potential source for job creation. The coordinator of the project, Javier Roo, head of R+D+i projects at the Canary Islands Agency for Research (ACIISI), focused his speech on the prototypes R&D, with the presentation of the AquaWind platform. “We must remember that it is the only European initiative that combines the production of renewable energy on the high seas and fish farming in the first floating wind platform in Spain, capable of jointly producing wind energy and high-quality fish,” said Roo. During his speech, he clarified that one of the main innovations of the project will be to be able to, “evaluate in a real environment the combination of production and use of renewable energy in fish aquaculture”. In addition, during the project, work will be done with two species of fish of enormous aquaculture interest, such as sea bream, and seriola (amberjack) characterised by its high value and culinary interest, particularly in the Japanese cuisine. Another advantage of combining various activities is that the occupation of marine space and the visual impact on the coast are simultaneously reduced. As the project moves forward, AquaWind is taking action to engage with stakeholders and conduct impact assessments.