Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Mohibullah Khan has said that agriculture has an important role in national economy, crop production of the land owners and Foods needs of the province so, the agriculture sector cannot be neglected. He directed to ensure the provision of maximum facilities to the farmers so that their income can be increased substantially. In his speech, the minister Mohibullah Khan said that water, food security, climate change and other important projects are a good initiative of the current provincial government for the welfare of the people, which will benefit the farmers and the common people. He said that the annual budget of the Agriculture Department has been increased from 2 billion to 55 billion. While the budget will reach to 130 billion which is important for the development of agriculture. He said that On-farm water management has an important role to reduce the wastage of water and provincial government is taking serious steps to save water because in the coming times there will be a major problem of water shortage all over the world.