Singapore is facing a plastic waste crisis, and KFC Singapore is making efforts to reduce its contribution by switching to alternative compostable packaging for its chicken, sandwiches and other items. By partnering with sustainable foodware company, Tria, KFC Singapore will begin what it is calling the “world’s first” closed-loop single-use packaging pilot program, according to Packaging Insights.  The pilot will first replace the packaging, cutlery and other single-use plastics with the alternative packaging at one Singapore location for six months. Tria will regularly collect the waste and compost it in the company’s patented Bio24 digester which takes 24 hours.

“We’ve previously considered edible spoons, but they could not meet our cost or operational requirements,” said Lynette Lee, general manager of KFC Singapore. “However, Tria was open to extensive redesigns and testing to ensure their product could withstand our daily operating needs and be collected and processed at an acceptable price point.”

Tria’s Neutria packaging is a durable, plant-based polyester that can handle both hot and cold food. It quickly turns into compost in 24 hours in the Bio24 digester and is then shipped to partnered farms or brands.

“It’s great that we are experimenting with [sustainable food-ware like reusable cups], but we also need to empathize more with the food brands.