Health expert underlined the need to use high-potency omega-3 food “fish” in daily meal plans in the winter season.

Expert said, “as peanuts, walnuts and coffee are regarded as winter food items”, but in many homes, fish marks the arrival of the season.

He said eating fish not only gives the body warmth but also required nutrients, and enables one to fight off ailments.

“Fish are included in the diet of those who want to lose weight or always stay fit”, but at the same time, the biggest advantage of fish was that it also protects from stress and depression, Dr Raza highlighted. He further elaborated depression was a common mental condition characterised by low

mood, sadness, loss of energy and interest in life and activities. Dr Mehmood underlined that different types of fish, including salmon, tuna, and mackerel were rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and relieve mental fatigue and improve emotional health. Explaining the link between consuming fish and cardiovascular diseases, he said people who eat fish were less prone to heart disease, adding “all the nutrients contained in it keep the arteries clean” and people who make it a part of their diet two to three times a week can get rid of heart disease. While almost all types of fish should be eaten, heart patients should make “scallops and salmon” a part of their life, he stressed.

In winter, “there is an additional burden on the heart”, which necessitates change in diet to reduce it, the health expert informed and added that lungs get affected very quickly in the cold season, and cough, nausea and frost weaken them (lungs).

If a person wants to cure all of these ailments, eat winter fish, as the “fatty acids in them increase the flow of air” into the lungs and make breathing easier, he suggested