First, I would like to thank you all for visiting us at the Alltech Pakistan booth at IPEX 2022. It was a great experience to be back in person, learn from your experience and share ideas for the growth and optimization of agribusinesses.

It is evident that the business cum economic conditions are worsening due to multi-factors like commodity price boom, climate change-flood disasters, disease, rupee depreciation, and energy crisis. Maintaining farm performance and profitability is very challenging in these hard times.

These challenges will have a profound effect and may take time to get away. However, there are still opportunities to save costs and eggscelerate growth.

Taking egg breakage as an example, it is and remains a source of economic loss for egg producers. Studies revealed that commercial farms have an average of 2.5% breakage. The careful use of organic micro-minerals can aid in improving eggshell quality. Organic minerals are essential for shell formation, are highly bioavailable, offer better absorption, and help ensure maximum value for producers. We discussed how farmers could save PKR 42 per bird through nutritional interventions.

Eggs are an affordable and premium protein that holds numerous benefits. With high inflation, consumers still have the advantage of meeting their daily nutrient requirements by eating an egg. In October, world egg day is celebrated around the globe to create awareness about this superfood. This year, the theme of egg day is Eggs for a better life. It highlights the nutritional, environmental, and livelihood benefits that eggs offer.

We ranked among the malnourished countries. Making eggs a part of our diet will help us improve our nutritional status. Understanding the significance of this industry in addressing malnutrition, poverty alleviation, and climate resilience, the government should come forward and create enabling environment for the producers to make the industry flourish. We believe our latest launched innovations will assist poultry producers in improving efficiency and greater savings.

This edition covers highlights of the Alltech Pakistan booth at the International Poultry Expo 2022. The voice of professionals gives a brief insider’s view of advances in aquaculture nutrition. This section discussed the impact of using organic minerals in reducing egg losses by up to 50%.