Russia plans to launch 9 large feed mills focused on aquafeed production in the next 5 years to boost the output in this segment by 220,000 tons, Russian Agricultural Minister Dmitry Patrushev said, speaking during a conference in Moscow. Russia keeps struggling against an acute shortage of aquafeed for valuable species sparked by Western sanctions imposed after Russia invaded Ukraine. The lack of specialized feed reportedly has been hindering operations in several segments, including broodstock production. Patrushev said that Russia has to replace imports because several countries suspended aquafeed sales to Russian customers in 2022. This experience has shown that it is necessary to localize our own production as soon as possible,”. Russian government has approved a 20% subsidy of capital costs for feed mill construction and modernisation.

This measure is scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2023. In addition, the government set the task for the Russian federal agency for fisheries and scientific organisations of the Russian Academy of Sciences to provide the industry with advanced feed recipes, Patrushev added. Currently, the construction of only one feed mill focused on aquafeed production has been announced publicly in the country. A private investor plans to launch a feed mill to produce 50,000 tons of feed for valuable fish species in the Karelia Republic, Vladimir Labinov, Deputy Prime Minister of the region, said.