We are thankful to everyone for their commitment throughout this incredible journey. This month we will complete fifteen marvelous years serving the agrifood industry Pakistan and this is not it, the journey continues…

We are continuously working for the development of the agri-industry, coaching the youth and trying to set one right direction for everyone. We are glad to share that in coming months, we have different projects aligned that will be helpful in defining the local solutions and creating value. It includes International Poultry Expo (IPEX), which is returning in person next month. It is the biggest poultry show that will held in expo center, Lahore. It will be a great opportunity for the poultry professionals to enhance networking and get the solutions under one roof.

Following it, will be International Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference (IFAC) that is scheduled for November 2022. The First consultative meeting of IFAC took place in Government College University. The stakeholders of fisheries and aquaculture industry gathered and had discussion on the conference agenda.

It is a very challenging time for all the sectors as the survival is getting harder day by day. It is therefore need of the hour to take maximum advantage of such activities and club the think tanks to define the roadmaps for the future.

Around the globe, organizations are investing on people, sustainability, climate and disease control. Reports and news showed that countries are focused on building the local resources so they have to depend least on outside world.

Now is the time that Pakistan should also promote and practice model like “Shared Resource Model”. It will not only be helpful in surviving the current situation but will also effective in addressing climate, resources, sustainability, food security concerns in long-term.

For aquaculture industry, establishment of a center of excellence has been proposed in which people with specific expertise can be pooled and work as one team. We believe that each one of us has a responsibility and anyone has something (expertise) to offer and make the change happen. This is the core of our culture that we welcome ideas, as we believe idea changes everything. We are hopeful to make a difference in agrifood Pakistan, raise awareness and pool expertise-resources. It is a journey that will continue, we are happy to grow and serve the industry and are committed to keep learning, creating value and achieve excellence along.

This edition covers glimpse of consultative meeting. Voice of professionals outlined the components of seafood feed mill. A brief of the future of antibiotics in poultry feed has been discussed.

Happy 75th Independence day. Have a great celebrations.

Happy Reading!