The Irish Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has unveiled phase 1 of AQUAMIS – a public online aquaculture information management system that promises to be “state of the art”. Phase 1 of the AQUAMIS project involves the launch of the public online aquaculture viewing portal, it will also allow for the digital processing of aquaculture license applications by Department of Agriculture staff via data entry screens within an internal web portal. This involved the Department digitally mapping Ireland’s coastline and integrating data sets from both the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Marine Institute. This innovative portal will for the first time provide a valuable online search facility for licensed aquaculture activity available to the general public and all our stakeholders.” The online viewer will allow members of the public to freely access and view licensed aquaculture sites and mapping information through a public portal and was developed in collaboration with the Marine Institute. Phase 2 of the project is currently being developed over a 24-month period to become a fully online system with all application and supporting data being submitted electronically by the applicant. AQUAMIS will also be integrated into other Government systems such as the National Marine Planning Framework online portal and the wider marine spatial planning system. According to a news release from the Department of Agriculture, AQUAMIS will be a one stop shop for the aquaculture license application process, enhance the sharing of information and reduce the administrative burden. For the first time the viewer will provide access to the location and coordinates for licensed aquaculture activity.