Every other day is challenging in this ever-changing world, making lives and livelihood harder. The inflation rate has touched new heights, and almost everything is slipping away from the reach of people. Both the producers and the consumers are adversely affected by the spontaneous hike in prices. Multiple factors contribute to this price hike, and not a single ‘fit for all’ solution will be workable.

Where inflation is the cry of the day, people are least aware of the climate crisis that we are on the verge of suffering. Water and food are the basic necessity of life. Despite being claimed as an agricultural country (Pakistan), we have a severe threat to food and water security. We have surpassed the slot of a water-stressed country. It is feared to touch the water scarcity barrier due to fast melting glaciers, drying rivers, depleting groundwater resources, and poor water management. The agriculture practices in the country require massive water quantities and are in use carelessly. This continuous exploitation may lead us to a situation where we will not have enough water for growing food and for households.

The current climate conditions are alarming. Recent reports have warned that Pakistan will have the highest losses as percentage of GDP at 9.1% incurring economic costs from combined impact of disaster-climate-health nexus.

Though the focus must be on improving governance, we should also start awareness and education campaigns. Begin with designing and rolling out mass campaigns to enhance the understanding of local farmers about the responsible use of water and promote the latest technologies. Parallelly, make sure not to overlook household awareness.

The time has come to take all stakeholders on board and design a holistic approach to address this challenge. Consider revision and implementation of the National water and climate change policies. It demands combined efforts and well-planned, workable strategies to set our direction right.

This edition’s voice of professionals shares the approach of Alltech Coppens to manage mycotoxin on aqua feed mill. The areas that lead to heat stress in beef cattle discussed and few guidelines provided on how to manage heat stress.

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