At the VMD’s first Equine Anthelmintic Resistance Stakeholder Workshop held in November 2021, stakeholders agreed that a pan-industry equine group is essential to lead a coordinated approach to anthelmintic use and stewardship in the UK equine sector. Following on from the success of the Workshop the VMD hosted a follow up meeting in March 2022 to discuss the next steps to forming this new pan-industry equine group.  There was continued enthusiasm and broadening interest in the formation of a pan-industry group for sustainable control of equine parasites, with 51 external delegates from over 40 organizations in attendance. The meeting comprised of two breakout sessions focused on what the group should do and who should be represented by considering priority themes and activities identified by stakeholders in the November 2021 Workshop. The Summary note of the associated discussion for each of the breakout session questions and the points collectively agreed will enable progression to pan-industry ownership of this initiative. Overall, there was sufficient agreement amongst delegates on the broad principles of the pan-industry equine group to enable advancement to the next step. Delegates agreed that this pan-industry equine group should have a core steering group to provide strategic direction and seven themes subgroups (education, communication, diagnostics/monitoring, sustainability, research, data and regulatory environment).

The VMD have distributed a follow-up questionnaire to enable interested stakeholders to express their desired level of interest in the project moving forwards. The VMD will now convene an inaugural core steering group meeting to discuss and develop the group’s strategy and priorities.