Syngenta Pakistan Limited, a globally leading agriculture company specializing in crop protection, biologicals, seeds and other crop enhancement products, has recently signed an MOU with the largest financial institution in Pakistan – Habib Bank Limited (HBL) – to pioneer the most resourceful initiatives for the progress of Pakistan’s robust agriculture sector to create a broad-based impact. This strategic partnership is in line with Syngenta Pakistan’s farmer-centric vision: “One Team, One Dream, and Farmer Future” to build capacity and transform the farmer community’ quality of life. Syngenta envisions to enable the farmers by creating an ecosystem that addresses all the pain points for the farmers. As an input manufacturing, R&D Company, that has 850+ NayaSavera franchises across the country, thousands of feet on the ground and an extremely solid grower connect, and Syngenta is well-positioned to help farmers create a sustainable future for themselves. Syngenta’s aim is to collaborate with partners who are truly dedicated to making farmers’ lives profitable. This partnership involves extending credit to NayaSavera franchises, with a futuristic vision of extending financing and related offerings to the growers. Zeeshan Baig – Country General Manager for Syngenta – said that: “Food security is a global crisis that requires us to think creatively and come up with solutions which increase farm yield and consequently improve growers’ profitability. We are very excited to announce this unique partnership with HBL which will also help us in improving the lives of our growers. Financial constraints faced by farmers in Pakistan is a key reason for low average farm yields in the country.