Almost every sector around the globe is confronted with phenomenon of inflation. Agro-livestock is no exception, high input prices along with unstable trade, changing climate, emerging diseases have made food production difficult than ever. It is alarming as such situations would lead to global food insecurity.

Experts and Stakeholders gathered at Alltech ONE and discussed in depth the holistic strategies of how to combat these challenges and produce sustainably to meet the food cum nutritional needs of people.

Alltech ONE conference concluded with theme of innovation and resilience. It was an excellent learning and networking opportunities that has left us with many ideas to replicate and practice on ground. Most importantly emphasized on our responsibility towards nourishing our communities while simultaneously preserving our planet.

The speakers at ONE, highlighted how important agriculture is for the future of our planet and what positive impacts it has, towards food/nutritional security, livelihood, resource management and climate change. They mentioned 103 countries are facing real problem of protein deficiency, we don’t have enough food on the planet. It was presented that food demand can be meet with efficient utilization of grasslands and by-products. Animals like cattle are well suited to upcycle inedible raw materials and convert it into high quality protein and nutrient rich food. In this way it also prevent wastage-causing for environment disaster.

Studies also revealed that more carbon can be captured in soil with animal on land then we would without them. Moreover, with feed and growth efficiency strategies and carbon sequestration, GHGs emission could be reduced over 50%. While there isn’t any “fit for all” strategy however, it requires a holistic approach to tackle both food and climate crisis.

This edition covers highlights of ONE Conference and a detail note on agriculture’s role in saving the planet.

The voice of professionals provide brief about how proper feeding can improve growth rate and how you can protect your flock from avian influenza.

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