The US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) announced new sustainability goals for the entire US beef supply chain. The goals include metrics and targets for all sectors of the industry to encourage and support continuous improvement from farm to fork. These goals and targets aim to identify and supplement sustainability practices and support the collection of benchmarking data for current industry sustainability efforts. They also set new objectives to help producers and industry bring the most sustainable beef products to market. “As an industry, it’s time to not only recognize the hard work, but also establish new ways stakeholders across the supply chain can work together to contribute to the overall sustainability of US beef.” The goals are set around USRSB’s six high-priority indicators of sustainability: water resources, land resources, air and greenhouse gas emission, efficiency and yield, animal health and wellbeing, and employee safety and wellbeing. These key indicators build upon the primary pillars of sustainability — environmental, social and economic — helping to ensure true sustainability at each stage of the beef supply chain. “To help ensure stakeholders have everything they need to succeed, USRSB will continue to add to our suite of science-based tools and resources which will enable all segments of the industry to continue advancing their sustainability efforts with confidence.”