Wish you all a happy Ramadan, keep the spirit of sharing and caring high this holy month.

As we are progressing in next month, things are yet unclear and multiple factors are contributing to increase inflation, fear of food security and sustainability. Agrifood industry is under immense pressure. It is not only the rising cost of the inputs and supply restriction due to warring countries but also the present widely spreading disease of cattle, called Lumpy skin disease. This disease has resulted in mass culling and economic loss. Moreover, served as a driver to fuel the price of other protein sources like chicken. Poultry meat price had marked highest. Milk and beef markets experiencing instability. Farmers are left with no option other than to cull their animal as this viral disease has no cure so far except vaccination. The positive thing happened is that after DRAP approval, Sindh govt. has finally set to import 2m vaccine doses.

Keeping in view the challenging market situation, ATEAM mobilized and called for Dairy Club gathering. The purpose of these interactive session was to listen to farmers, stakeholders and feed millers about the real ground challenges and educate them how mineral management can serve as an effective strategy to combat the disease challenge. To deliver the effective and timely solutions, Alltech dairy value creation model had been developed and practiced largely.

Aquaculture though a fairly new industry but experiencing an equal impact. Aqua Farmers, stakeholders and feed millers joined Aqua Club for discussing the ongoing challenges of the industry. ATEAM demonstrated its Alltech Aqua Value Creation Model, which has been developed to deliver best technologies and services.

This is how we are championing agrifood industry through our value creation models, customized as per the needs of local farmers and market.

We hope that things get stabilized in coming time, if not then this might lead to high inflation and food crisis.

This edition reports the aqua club and dairy club gathering. Voice of professionals articles highlights the environmentally sustainable approach of starting fish production cycle and Snapshot of Lumpy Skin Disease and Chromium Status influencing immunocompetence and disease resistance.

Happy fasting, have a blessed Ramadan Kareem!