Alltech Pakistan hosted Aqua Club Gathering in Multan. The event was graced by aquaculture stakeholders, farmers, hatchery owners, and feed millers. It was the first Alltech Aqua Club gathering of year 2022, focused on assessing the changing dynamics of the markets and understand how local farmers, stakeholders are coping with the uncertainties including rising input prices, availability of raw ingredients, implementation of GST, and concerns of climate change.

Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon (Coach) and ATEAM welcomed the house for open discussion on these matters and presented how they have developed an aqua value creation model that serve the needs of the farmers and make them optimize their performance and profitability. Coach highlighted Alltech planet of plenty vision and shared how Alltech Pakistan is supporting this vision through coaching, services and technologies. He shared the thought behind we are champions- theme of 2022, stating that champions doesn’t mean we know everything but it means that we are in continuous learning to fine-tune our knowledge and deliver our best. This is reason, we have called the aqua industry to learn from them, what are real ground challenges and how our tailor-made strategies can improve efficiency. It was a two way learning opportunity. Attendees appreciated ATEAM efforts and supported the planet of plenty vision; shared ideas for the sustainable aqua industry Pakistan.

~Alltech Aqua Value Creation Model Makes