You all might be hearing news and following social media, all heaped with the ongoing unrest in Ukraine and Russia. The raging situation between warring countries is expected to wreak havoc on food supply flow by majorly disrupting the grain and energy supplies. The tension is growing around the globe and many reliant countries are at verge to suffer severe food insecurity, if the situation deteriorates.

Commodities markets already pushed up  and hit multilayer high. It is near possible that it would further trigger the inflation rate taking upward shift. It is important to understand and plan strategically to deal these challenges.

March can be called a month of awareness as World Poultry day, Wildlife day and Water day are celebrated in this month. The purpose is to maximum educate the people about the importance of all these elements of life.  Poultry is the most ancient form of farming and has transformed greatly over time. It is nutritionally enriched, healthy for all ages and even affordable protein for every class. It doesn’t only hold nutritive and affordability advantage but has become a good livelihood source for many.

Chicken consumption has increased with time and farming practices has advanced to produce and deliver more value added products. The value addition has made poultry, the top healthy choice of the consumer. Yet, there are myths that are being linked to poultry industry. However, awareness campaigns are put in place to break the negative narrative and educate people about the bunch of benefits of eating chicken meat and eggs.

In light of prevailing global tension, all agri-food segments would suffer from its acute effects and poultry is no exception. Some factors are uncertain and uncontrollable but what we can do is, we can start with small changes to impact big. Where commercial poultry might struggle with the looming effects amid conflict, small-scale or backyard-rooftop poultry could be an effective

option to meet the food demand at household level. Already many entrepreneurs have realized the potential and came forward with small poultry start-ups. Backyard or roof top poultry has emerged in times of COVID and with Govt.-friendly initiatives. It has become a reality that poultry is an resource efficient, accessible and affordable protein. Poultry (meat-eggs) is complete nutrition, health boosters and accepted by all ages; will be accepted for ages…

Though, there is tension in the air however, last month has welcomed new ventures and investments for the sustainable agri-future. Countries have reported a substantial funds allocation for the uplift of agrifood sectors on modern lines with climate-resilient strategies. Overall, the outlook had been progressive. However, March 2022 would be a decisive month for how the things turn out to be especially for agrifood world.

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This edition has glimpse of tribute to dairy professional for his devotion and efforts for the development of dairy industry in Pakistan. Voice of professionals covers importance of modern aquaculture for food security and Cage –free egg production trends and challenges.

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