The tradition of cooking in clay pots is quickly becoming a food fad and restaurateurs are rapidly adapting.

Food is essential for life. If food is served in a good and natural style, it enhances its value even more. When we look at the history of the human lifestyle and food trends, we see that food serving and cooking styles were very simple. In ancient times humans were used to cooking and serving food in clay pots. Now whenever we look at them, these pots remind us of an era past but in this modern era of the 21st century this cooking and eating method has been reintroduced. Whether it is a big restaurant or small street dhabas. Preparing of food in clay pots is popular among food lovers since these cheap pots give food a rich taste.

Traditional desi foods are very popular and the trend of selling various indigenous Pakistani dishes cooked in matkis-clay pots are gaining momentum and this food style is now a very famous and popular among food lovers.

The taste of food prepared in clay pots is very different and more palatable than other steel or metal’s utensils. These clay pots made with raw soil enhance the flavor of the food, giving it a very good and rich taste and it becomes more delicious. This is the main reason that customers love to eat this ‘matka biryani.’ Tea, fries or local food, the aroma of clay pots and the beauty and the smell of the raw soil play an important role in making ordinary food unique and more delicious. Where it is becoming popular to cook and sell in clay pots, the tradition of making and selling pottery has limited to Punjab. This is the old food serving and eating style but the trend repeats in every age. Just as fashion and clothing styles are changing, the old style is being given a new color, so the food style is also being changed now.