Vast opportunities for mutual cooperation between Argentina and Pakistan exist in the livestock sector of Punjab which can also further strengthened the already existing long ties between both the countries. These views were expressed by Punjab Minister for Livestock Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dareshak while talking to Argentinean Ambassador to Pakistan Leopoldo Franco Sahors. The Argentinean envoy visited Veterinary Research Institute (VRI) during his three-day visit to Punjab on the special invitation of the Punjab Minister for Livestock. Deputy Head Mission Argentina and Secretary Livestock Punjab Naveed Haider Shirazi were also present on the occasion.

Expressing interest in cooperation in the fields of vaccine production, dairy machinery and technologies, Leopoldo said that the purpose of the visit was to enhance Argentine cooperation. Later, Provincial Minister for Livestock and the Ambassador said that both sides should take advantage of the existing opportunities for technical assistance and cooperation at the level of delegations exchange and technology transfer is essential to make progress in livestock sector. Affiliation with Argentinean institutions for veterinary education and vaccine production can also prove beneficial for Pakistan. Argentinean delegation also visited Buffalo Research Institute and Veterinary University Pattoki Campus.