“Optimism is strategy of making a better future, because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so” a quote well related to the times we are passing through.

Today’s world is busy in search of solutions to address Climate change, sustainability and food security concerns that have become word of every mouth. People are more cautious about health (amid COVID) and fascinates by organic and eco-friendly food labels. This is the reason why agrifood producers are switching to advance practices and approaches to halt the disrupting negative narrative about agrifood linked to climate change and AMRs etc.

Despite the uncertainty compounded with such challenges, agrifood had an overall progressive year. Recently, Alltech had released Global Agrifood Outlook 2022 revealing the results of 11th Alltech Global Feed Survey. The results showed the resilience of agrifood sector in challenging times of supply chain disruption, disease and COVID. It is evident that this sector is transforming exponentially and adopting more sustainable practices.  Agrifood is responsibly advancing to produce food for the planet of plenty in a sustainable way.

This edition includes that highlights of the Global Agrifood Outlook 2022 and showcase the drivers and regional growths in agrifood sector. The global feed animal feed industry is recovery from COVID-19 faster than anticipated, driving gains in production compared with last year. However, markets in some regions have compromised or decline growth because of geopolitical tensions and inflationary pressures. Growing concern of climate change and GHG regulations contributed to 1.9% decrease in beef feed production.  China, The US and Brazil remain the top three feed producing countries. Argentina dropped out of top 10, to be replaced by Turkey. Curious for more insights, stick to this edition. Voice of professionals’ article shows how enhanced fat digestibility and optimal digestion is achievable in cold water and strategies to antibiotic-free poultry production.

Stay optimistic, Stay informed, be responsible and accountable for the future.