The livestock department has asked the poultry farms and manufacturers and seller of livestock and poultry feed to get their licenses renewed for year 2022. Livestock Deputy Director Dr. Jamshed Akhtar said Punjab Animals Feed Stuff and Compound Feed Act 2016 for preparation and sale of livestock and poultry feed while Punjab Poultry Production Act 2016 was applicable for poultry farm traders throughout Punjab. In this regard, the licenses issued to those who manufacture and sell livestock and poultry feed and those trading in poultry farms have been expired by December 31, 2021. As per the relevant laws, running a poultry farm without a license or expired license and preparing and selling food was a crime which could be resulted in imprisonment and heavy fines so get renewal of license for poultry farms and manufacture and sale of livestock and poultry feed for the year 2022, he concluded. PITB has collaborated with the Punjab Food Authority to launch a ‘Smart Food Licensing System’ to facilitate food business operators in applying for a license.