Why fast food joints selling burgers and fries are always packed? People love the idea of getting affordable, delicious meals in a matter of minutes. Imagine if you could get your favourite pizza freshly made from scratch in less than 5 minutes? Well, now you can. A robot developed by former SpaceX employees bakes makes and tops a pizza every 45 seconds. The automated, touchless pizza-making machine is fit into a food truck that will deliver pizza to customers at home and make their pizza on the way.
Three former SpaceX engineers recently launched  the automated, mobile pizza selling eatery. They have used to design advanced battery systems for rockets and satellites earlier. They joined hands with more than 23 former SpaceX employees to build the robot, as per a report.
You can get pizza of your choice either pepperoni or a supreme pizza, or you can even ask for your own fresh toppings. The machine can make up to 10 different toppings.

How the robot works are simply astonishing. The dough is made in a second and it is pressed to make a pizza base. The base goes inside the next machine line where it is smeared with sauce and cheese, and the toppings fall over it like a waterfall. Then the robot arm automatically places it inside the hot oven to bake.