Alhamdullillah! Another year wrapped successfully. It was a challenging year and has transformed our work-life to a great deal. Yet! the new COVID-19 variant (omicron) again has raised the concerns about health, food security and economic stability. It seems that this pandemic will stay for little longer. All we have to do is to stay safe by getting our vaccination done and if it already done, go for booster doses. Remember! We are in this together and we will make through it.

This year is all up to how we act and respond to this pandemic. If it will spread, it will be difficult to overcome the situation. Moreover, it will not only destabilize the economy but will also cause higher inflation and food and nutritional insecurities.

2021 taught us to be more responsible as we will be accountable for what we do. It’s our responsibility to work for our future. To be best fit for future, we need to capitalize on two things “technology and services”. It’s a continuous process of learning, sharing and developing from experiences. It’s another chance to shape our present for a better tomorrow.

I hope you too have memories and learnings from 2021 and welcomed 2022 with new resolutions to set yourself up for success this time. In my opinion, being happy in life is the worthwhile resolution that one can make because if you are happy with what you do, you perform well. So, let’s resolute to be happier this year and see how things turns out for us!

This month voice of professionals uncovers the factors of future of aquaculture nutrition and dairy management in winters. Hope the content published best matches your interest.

Wish you all a happy new beginning and a spectacular year ahead!

Thank you all for being fantastic in 2021!