How fast the time flies… we have entered in the last month of 2021. It was by far a really difficult year for all businesses. However, many effective measure were taken to combat with the pandemic and people somewhat adjusted to this New Normal. But the relief was short-lived, unfortunately COVID new variant (omicron) has surfaced and causing fear around the globe. Many countries have re-enforced the Lockdown SOPs, travel restriction etc.

Agrifood sector has remained resilient in this pandemic and managed to keep the supply steady for the consumer but is agrifood ready to combat with another challenge for the coming year? is the question. Moreover as result of port closure – delay in inputs, dollar ($) appreciation etc., inflation rate has recorded all times high in 2021. This is worrisome for the agrifood producers as well as the consumer.  How we foresee agrifood beyond 2021 is very important in devising a future-proof strategy for driving a sustainable and productive future.

It’s right time to outline the key drivers/concerns that would be shaping the future of agrifood. There could be many but the major will revolve around Innovation, Value addition, Sustainability, Awareness, traceability, welfare, services, diagnostics, automation, collaborations, data, artificial intelligence, wellbeing, optimization, efficiency, JV& mergers, e-commerce, Eco-friendly, safety, transparency and Convenience.

Many initiatives have been taken by the govt. and notably private sector for uplift of agrifood sector in Pakistan. However, Govt., agrifood producer and stakeholders to rethink and redefine beforehand what would be our roadmap to work on these areas in order  to improve the productivity, efficiency and profitability on producer end and provide safe, healthy, nutritious food for the consumer in a most sustainable way. This would again be an opportunity for agrifood sector to further firm its position and translate the maximum benefits of agrifood consumption (milk, chicken, beef, egg and fish) to the consumer. In last two consecutive months, two major events had concluded including world egg day and world fisheries day. Many of us had been part of such activities and tried our best to spread the word about the benefits of consuming healthy food (egg, fish etc.). I believe, Awareness is the key and should be practiced around the year.

This month we brought to you the glimpse of World fisheries day, voice of professionals highlights how aquaculture processors can meet the consumer demand and why it is important to keep an eye on Body condition score at calving and before. Hope this issue would best match your interest. Stay safe!