Cobb is constantly making connections, sharing advice, and bringing technical expertise to their customers. It’s their believe that providing them with most up-to-date resources and recommendations is the key to being a great partner. For this reason they have share the newly updated Cobb Broiler Management Guide with the industry. Cobb’s focus on genetic progress helps to continue to increase the performance potential across broiler and broiler breeder production. To help unlock that potential and achieve consistent flock production though, it is essential to have a good flock management program in place. Cobb’s team of industry-leading experts has specifically designed this guide to assist you in developing or fine-tuning your management program in many housing or environmental conditions you review the guide, you will see new information, including:

  • Recommendations on how to reuse litter.
  • Water management recommendations including a reference table to help evaluate water quality.
  • Management techniques and diagrams for naturally ventilated houses.
  • Guidance for record keeping and data collecting along with sample sheets to record information.

Expanded and updated information includes:

  • An updated format and guide composition to make information easy to find.
  • An expanded explanation of tunnel ventilation with additional data and graphs.
  • Updated equipment installation recommendations for both perimeter and tunnel inlets with inlet sizing examples.
  • Expanded information on circulation fan systems and their role in managing house moisture levels.
  • Updated general recommendations for installing high-pressure fogging systems.
  • A simplified approach to understanding the specific fan requirements for the various levels of ventilation with easy-to-follow calculations using the same sample house dimensions and fans throughout.