From soggy salad in the fridge to the scraps we leave on our plates and edible meals binned by restaurants and cafes, we all play a part in the far-reaching problem of food waste and its devastating impact on the environment. Globally, around a third to a half of all food produced is lost or wasted, which contributes up to 10% of the total greenhouse gas emissions driving the climate emergency. However, help is at hand from a growing raft of food waste apps which mean it’s never been easier to intercept the supply chain and prevent waste, with just a few taps on your phone. An early digital platform was Olio, Other food waste apps such as Too Good toGo and Karma partner users with local restaurants and other outlets to ‘rescue’ surplus food from the bin for a discounted price. Rather different are food waste apps like Kitche which is a digital kitchen management tool, allowing you to log what you have bought, keep track of sell-by dates and use it all up with recommended recipes.

Also on the rise are local ‘community fridges’ (through a growing network of 200-plus run by environmental charity Hubbub with funding from the Co-op), which accept food from shops, caterers and allotments and typically offer it for free, connecting participants via Facebook and WhatsApp.