We surely belong to ALLAH and to HIM we shall return”.

Mr. Abdul Maroof Siddiqui, one of the pioneer in poultry industry passed away on August 09, 2021. Poultry fraternity and professionals from other industry who were affiliated feel deep sorrow on his loss. Mr. Maroof was employed at K&Ns and resident of South Pakistan and known for his substantive contributions for the development of poultry industry particularly in South Pakistan. He was an active representative of South Poultry Pakistan. He had done a lot for the profession and the industry that it’s hard to pen down everything. He was a dynamic personality and known for his kind, humble, supportive, joyful nature and excellent knowledge. Those who were in association with him remember him as an institute and acknowledge him for making them learn a lot of things like interacting people, handling crisis and stress, policy making and implementation, and much  more. No one who met him forget his great sense of humor and remember him as the soul of gatherings. He set the trend of organizing events (seminar and workshops). He had good command in Urdu language and was eager to invent new words. He had been a passionate contributor to poultry industry Pakistan and always encouraged others. Poultry fraternity believes that soul like Mr. Maroof will remain with them as an ever-shining star of the poultry industry. Many recall him as a “combination of virtues”.  He used to do coaching and help students in their job placement and encouraged them to excel. His loss is indeed a big loss for the industry. Words may not be suffices to express the heartfelt sorrow. Mr. Maroof will always be missed. Remember Mr. Maroof in your prayers and keep recognizing the Unsung Heroes. May Allah bless the departed soul, ease his ways to eternal life and give patience to the family in this hard time. AMEEN…