It feels incredible living in a free state and having the blessing of freedom. A special thanks to all for working hard for the betterment of the country. Our journey has been remarkable despite the rough times we have learned from adversities and leading to prosperity.

Agrifood professionals have remained at the forefront in combating the uncertainty/crisis. They have managed to maintain a steady food supply for the nation in difficult times. Despite being the backbone of the country’s economy, Agrifood hasn’t had captured enough attention previously. However, Govt. and the private sector have found keen to uplift these sectors (aquaculture, dairy, poultry, beef, and crop). To succeed, we have to unite and work as one nation. Along with past experiences, we have to be proactive in transforming the present by foreseeing future needs.

Instead of working individually, we should promote collaborative working and learning. No one has seen the future, so everything we do today will translate into our future. I believe that the future is of Collaboration, and the sustainability of the sectors would majorly be defined by the shared resource models. Moreover, the need of skillful human resource will always be at top for the efficient operations. At present, we direly need an active ecosystem or creative think tanks that interact, innovate and transform the ideas into executable form.

Our prime focus should be on coaching and training human resource for the allied industries. For this, local and international experts can be taken on board. Aqua Club Coaching academy is one such platform recently launched that focuses on innovation, research and development, awareness, collaboration and training. It is a collaborative learning medium.  Farmers, stakeholders and young professionals all get a chance to interact, learn from experts, share their experience and improve their farm performance and profitability through thorough discussions.