Fish Farmer Magazine and online content business InterMet presented “Aquaculture – Meeting the Threats of Extreme Weather & Climate Change,” a timely discussion given the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. It also follows an alarming report from the IPCC, stating that in next 20 years global warming will rise by 1.5C and time is short to prevent the worst effects on the planet. Over two hours, the expert panel shared their thoughts on these climate-related threats for the aquaculture sector, as well as mitigation strategies and possible solutions.

Speaker of the webinar stressed on following points: 1) Importance of robust intelligence based risk management plan 2) A coordinated, regional-specific approach to dealing with climate-related threats is crucial, 3) Data is the lighthouse, 4) Need for aquaculture to provide food security is crucial.

An hour was also devoted to panelists answering questions from the moderator and the aquaculture sector. Panelists tackled a wide range of tough topics: from the cost of adapting to climate change to how aquaculture can contribute to carbon capture to the role of artificial intelligence in supporting farmers.