Over 500 cages, developed under Cage Culture Cluster Development project funded by Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency Program, would be fully operational by year next, which was expected to produce 600 metric tons of fish and fish preparation, besides increasing income of rural farming communities of the country. Cage Culture Cluster Development project was funded under the PM

Agriculture Emergency Program and executed through Fisheries Development board (FDB) of the MNFS&R, said Dr. Safia Mushtaq, Project Director. She added its an umbrella project which aims to train local farmers to capture existing fisheries potential in the country. FBD has a plan to develop skilled human resource for the promotion of cage culture farming to increase fish production, economic uplift, and poverty alleviation.  Under the project there is a provision to established 3 model farms and trained 1,250 personals in which 50 are Master Trainers’ who will further impart trainings to 1,200 fish cage farmers, hatchery operators, investors in aquaculture business, and labor force for aquaculture enterprises. She said that cages are installed at Jamal Dam, Qibla Bandi Dam,  and Chashma Lake, Ghazi Ghat, Head Punjnad and Head Qadirabad while 3 health labs are established at Sargodha, Multan and Gujranwala. Work on fish health labs will be completed during the current fiscal year and will be operational in 2022-23. These labs will monitor fish and water health and provide early warning service to cage farmers for any disease outbreak. The training and capacity building program schedule was also discussed with PFD which will start at different venues in Punjab initially from last week of this month. These training will provide technical knowledge of cage culture technology and improve understanding of seed stocking, feeding management, growth monitoring, water quality monitoring, net cleaning & maintenance, and fish harvesting etc.