With outbreaks threatening the industry, Manolin-a Norwegian software and data analytics company- has launched a secure system to automatically alert farmers of nearby disease risks. The company builds disease detection models to fuel sustainability in aquaculture.  With this new service, farmers receive an email alert and a notification on their Manolin dashboard, which is accessible via desktop or mobile.

Right now, the system notifies any farm within a 37 mile (60 kilometer) radius of an outbreak. To protect our customers’ data privacy, we do not currently release the exact location of the outbreak.” said Tony Chen, Manolin co-founder and CEO. It’s the first and only available system to notify farmers about the risk of nearby non-notifiable diseases, which are not currently tracked by Norway’s government regulators. “This [new service] will give farms more time to plan biosecurity measures that can minimize the impact of diseases for their area and the entire industry.” Manolin’s industry member data indicates that to date in 2021, non-notifiable diseases have comprised 7 percent of total reported mortalities. In addition to new disease alerts, Manolin released new benchmarking tools and geospatial analysis on its platform. Anyone can explore current and historic disease, lice and treatment data in their area.