Alltech Pakistan recently launched its Aqua Club Coaching Academy, a collaborative learning platform for sharing the latest technologies and practices in aquaculture. Through the academy, aqua farmers can collaborate, promote research innovations and learn from each other. The first training session for the Aqua Club Coaching Academy was held in Attock and simultaneously livestreamed on Aug. 14 which also happens to be Pakistan’s Independence Day! The session, which focused on Biofloc as an emerging technology, allowed Alltech experts to share their experiences with Biofloc and to discuss the solutions and services that Alltech provides for improved farm performance and profitability. Additionally, Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon, director of Alltech Pakistan, spoke about the importance of fish as the future of food and aquaculture as a potential economic opportunity for Pakistan. The premier session of the Aqua Club Coaching Academy was well-attended, both in person and online, and those in attendance at Attock also took the opportunity to mark Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day with a cake-cutting ceremony.