The University Of Kentucky College Of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC), in conjunction with the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association and other industry partners, will conduct a statewide equine survey in 2022. It’s been a decade since UK Ag Equine Programs and KHC successfully partnered on a statewide equine survey, a critically needed study that helped provide a more accurate assessment of the number of horses (242,400) in Kentucky and their economic impact ($3 billion). Since last 2012 survey, a lot has changed in the state and within its signature industry.

A follow-up study is needed to provide an accurate snapshot of the state’s equine industry and to identify changes that are happening over time.  In addition to providing information about horse population in each county in Kentucky, their uses and the economic activity, it will also provide critical data for disease surveillance, inform workforce development efforts and identify emerging markets on which businesses can capitalize.