Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Poultry Association (North Region), Raja Atiqur Rehman Abbasi has said that poultry is the most organized sector in the agricultural sector as it currently provides 40% of the total meat consumed. He said about 1.5 million people are employed in this sector. He stated that the poultry industry is playing an important role in economic development. Poultry is the cheapest source of meat. The latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery is being used in the Pakistan poultry industry. Due to which our country produces international standard broilers in Pakistan. Raja Atiqur Rehman Abbasi said that the poultry industry has been trying for many years to provide the people with affordable and quality protein in the form of chicken meat and eggs. Fluctuations in the price of chicken meat are determined by the basic principles of supply and demand. That is why farmers often have to sell broilers at a price lower than the production cost, because it is a perishable item. And it can’t be kept safe. In the same way, in the price fluctuations of the whole year, sometimes the farmer is in profit and sometimes in loss. But on average, the price is reasonable throughout the year. The Vice Chairman PPA said that the cost of production of poultry has been steadily rising in the last two years and due to this the farmers have not been getting any significant profit from their business for almost two years. In the present situation the farmers are facing severe losses. It is clear that due to these circumstances, farmers are facing a difficult and difficult situation.