Around the globe, the delta variant of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc. Again lockdowns are imposed in different places to curb the spread of this new variant. Over the last two years of this uncertainty, we have been through plenty of transformations to survive this New Normal. Vaccination roll out success showed some light at the end of the tunnel. However, the emergence of this new highly contagious variant has posed great hurdle to the effectiveness of vaccines. So far, the only way to beat it, is to work for making your immunity better which is linked to your food. This pandemic has caused serious impact on economy and mental wellbeing. Though agrifood sectors have adversely affected with closure, restrictions and lockdown amid this pandemic, yet it has reflected back remarkably and managed to maintain the food supply for the population. The associated workforce stayed resilient in these uncertain times. This has happened because the organizations has spent time and resources on coaching and professional welfare during this crisis.

However, the global unemployment rate has been recorded high. People are failing to adapt to New Normal and unable to develop proactive behavior to cope with the challenges. It could be due to multi-factors. For the profession’s betterment and to improve professional competencies, the organizations must identify these factors and focus on the coaching and mentoring of the professionals as they are the true custodians. It will definitely be influential in motivating the young professionals and thrive them to get the job done in an improved way. Considering the role of agri-food professionals in GDP, food, and nutritional security, a special emphasis should be made on their professional development and welfare. Moreover, to enhance their professional competencies, maximum opportunities should be provided to them.

Professional Coaching… Connecting people and opportunities is a collaborative initiative taken by ABCD- Agribusiness Coaching and Development and PVMC- Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council. It focuses to Revisit, Review and Revise the strategy for improved veterinary education and profession image. The core objectives include:

  • Coaching and mentoring the young professional to make them competent for the New Normal.
  • Recognize the efforts of the Unsung Heroes.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship culture.
  • Provide experts insight through interactive interview series.
  • Club the community and work in synergy for reimaging the profession and create awareness.
  • Establish PVMC Newsletter – Improving Connectivity.

There is an unprecedented situation worldwide. We shouldn’t fear this challenge rather proactively work to transform this into opportunities and thrive for our survival. We will make it through soon and what matters the most is how well we have spent our time in preparation for post pandemic world. Therefore, it is time to look back, assess and work together for developing communal resilience, centralized leadership, collaborate to tap opportunities at 4F’s- field, Feed, Farm, Food- Level and beat this challenge.