Both partnered to bridge the gap between traditional and biological crop input solutions. This new relationship applies a systems approach to support sustainable practices and provide growers easy access and product education on full-spectrum, integrated crop solutions. HELM Agro will market, sell and distribute the Alltech Crop Science line of products in the U.S. Alltech Crop Science will continue to manufacture its crop science solutions while also focusing on scientific research and the development of new products. The collaboration brings together product lines from both companies and elevates science and service through expertise, resources and new, innovative product options.

The family legacies that make up the backbone of both HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science offer a unique, synergistic partnership that furthers science and service to help deliver better performance and profitability for customers at every stage of crop production. “This partnership opens new opportunities and supports our customers as they push to reach their crop’s full genetic potential. Combined with Alltech’s unrelenting research and commitment to the highest quality standards, we are eager to be able to exclusively offer products you won’t find anywhere else.” “Our collaboration with HELM Agro represents a combined 160 years of scientific rigor and crop expertise to support growers in optimizing crop efficiency at every stage of production,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “We believe what we can achieve together will be far greater and more meaningful for the future of the ag sector.”