In view of the above challenges and aquaculture potential, below are some recommendations for reframing the industry to grow and perform exponentially.

  • Aquaculture Farmer Association is the need of the hour which will not only club aquaculture scattered regime but will also be working for cumulative benefit of farmer and industry.
  • Local genetic diversity should be taken into account and research should be aligned to effectively deal the challenges of seed quality, mortality etc.
  • Aquaculture practices need to be modernized therefore guidelines plus technical support should reach the farmers, hatchery owners and processors.
  • Standardization and certification are vital elements for aquaculture product to get entry in the international market. Local regulatory and quality control further aid this.
  • From seed to food, development of the supply chain with direct regional fish markets and access to farmers, will further ease and double the efficiency and also enable better food safety and security.
  • To ensure the availability of the fish around the year, Fish processing plants should be subsidized for which Fish processing incentive umbrella programs should be launched to maximum encourage the processors. This will not only improve the local fish preference but will also have noticeable impact on exports.
  • Public-Private linkages should be promoted and strengthen as working in collaboration will fuel the growth of the industry.
  • Prosumer behavior survey should be conducted to fabricate aquaculture into consumer oriented products and develop product line accordingly. Likewise, consumer awareness programs should be design and spread the words via TV, radio, airtime and social media.
  • Without skillful human resource, aquaculture industry barely be drove to its potential. Capacity building of human resource should be prioritize and programs like ABCD- Agribusiness Coaching and Development, Aqua incubation centers, Master trainers and diploma/Farm Economic courses should be offered.
  • Nevertheless, monitoring and evaluation will flourish growth curve and food security.

Figuring out the needs and analyzing the potential of aquaculture, it has foreseen that how well it can revolutionize the livings as well as the economy of the country. Aquaculture is future in Pakistan as of number of reasons: advantageous for effective use of resources (barren lands), a direct livelihood for many alleviating poverty and addressing malnutrition and stunting, potentiated commodity to generate export revenue and nonetheless, a gateway for jobs and developing entrepreneurs. All this further gets supported by the Government friendly initiatives in loop.

A multi-challenged industry at present needs collaboration of the public-private sector for creating an immediate line of action to effective deal with the current scenario (COVID-19) and thereafter.