Poultry has vital role in human health as it supply superior form of protein. In modern world, it is affordable, available, and scalable to commercial size to feed the growing mouth locally & globally. Optimization, Technology Invasion and Professionalism in poultry has made it available all over the year. Though production cycle of poultry has multi factors which not only affect supply but also rates over the year. This business has input checklist and processing factors which determines cost of production. This cost again merely depends on demand & supply principles.

Poultry is healthy food commodity and multilayer SOPs /procedures are adapted to produce an eatable chicken from a day old chick. Health, Environment, and Nutrition are key elements which are crucial part of poultry production. There are number of scientific evidence which has proved this fact that poultry is healthy and safe to eat. Every year poultry stakeholders and professionals confront obligations and challenges regarding poultry meat and its effect on human health. This year, again the poultry industry has hardly hit, a lot of misconceptions are spreading around and making people think that it’s an unsafe food; which is completely untrue. It is therefore increasingly important to provide right information and educate the local public about the facts.

To do so, a dedicated group that is ISPR- Intra Sharing Poultry Realities should be formed. Scientists and professionals from Pakistan should be clubbed and address the issues for public.  This poultry club members would be having practical hand on experience, qualified in respective field, and shall present facts based on scientific evidence. A specialized mass campaign should be started at priority as it would create awareness and support the role of animal-based protein in healthy diet & life.

  • Conduct press conference simultaneously in different cities.
  • Online session – increasing the reach to public.
  • Use of digital marketing and campaigns.
  • Series of topics and lectures after 15 days
  • Technical newsletter on monthly basis
  • Dedicated spokesperson with public speaking acumen