Besides offering a range of quality product for aquaculture, Alltech Pakistan has also developed unique approaches to support and sensitize the local farmer community.   After thoroughly sensing the aquaculture industry of Pakistan and its challenges from mortalities, seed quality, diseases, feed, feeding, water quality, management, supply chain to unskillful HR, Alltech – Pakistan has created an Aqua Value Creation Model (AVCM) with key segment of genetics biotechnology, feed and feeding, aqua management, processing and HR.

These segments have been designed to provide better understanding of aquaculture practices and build expertise of the local people. The idea is to add value to the industry by converting the challenges into opportunities with collaborative approaches.

Where this model serve as a support for the development of the local people and industry it is also spreading education through its diverse medium like Aqua Club, Aqua Business and Research School (ABRS), Aqua School (farmers) and We Share We Care.

Aquaculture Industry of Pakistan has well segmented under this aqua value creation model. This model is working in full swing, delivering on farm services and support to fish farmers, feed millers; also equally engaging the academia to uptake the challenges of the industry and conduct the need based research. To assess and keep updated about the challenges and needs of the industry, Alltech Pakistan launched AQUA IDEA WORKSHOP- a yearly activity- designed to club, create and strengthen the liaison of public-private-academia, and work as a nexus to define solutions locally. The platform is open for all farming community and scholars to present and discuss their ideas for the betterment and growth of this industry. Recently, a series of Consultative meetings i.e.: Aqua Feed, Hatchery Consultative meetings were called. The purpose of it, is to address the issues of each segment in specific.