Thai Union, one of the largest seafood businesses in the world, has ramped up its commitment to transparency by joining the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP). The initiative is a global platform where seafood businesses publicly share details on the sourcing of their seafood. Thai Union says that the project’s goals are “aligned with the company’s global sustainability strategy, SeaChange, and our commitment to traceability and transparency to improve the operational and sourcing practices of the entire seafood supply chain”.

As part of the project, Thai Union will publish the data from its US, European and Asian supply chains. This will include details of both wild caught and farmed seafood, along with information such as area of catch, area of production, fishing gear used, sustainability certifications and ratings. Stakeholders will be provided the access details to the Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) ( and the Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries. They can gain better understanding of fish source, actions – IUU fishing, labor-human right violation, social risk and ecosystem impacts. 30 companies from EUR,AUS, and NA have taken up this project.