Official inauguration took place of a large modern poultry hatchery in Tay Ninh province by the Bel Ga Joint Stock Company.

Southeastern Vietnam’s latest hatchery has an initial annual production capacity of more than 19 million chicks -for both the meat and egg sectors. In its second phase, this will rise to 38.4 million. Inauguration ceremony of the facility was attended by senior officials from Vietnam’s agriculture ministry, with representation from Belgium, The Netherlands, and Indonesia.

Chair of the provincial People’s Committee hailed the facility as among the outstanding projects in Tay Ninh.  Chicks produced at the hatchery are produced to Global GAP standards of husbandry, according to Bel Ga Joint Stock Company (Bel Ga JSC) director for Vietnam and Cambodia, Kris Van Daele. A total investment of 200 billion dong (VND; US$8.65 million) in the hatchery was made by Bel Ga JSC.  According to Vietnam Agriculture, the site covers 15,000 square meters (161,500 square feet). Day-old chicks produced there are destined for Cambodia as well as the Vietnamese market. Among the latest developments to be incorporated in the hatchery are high-tech egg incubators, incorporating system to manage carbon dioxide concentration and circulating air pressure. There will be constant monitoring of all systems throughout the incubation and handling processes. Quality chicks will be traceable throughout the value chain. A controlled supply chain of clean, sustainable, and export-oriented agri-food products is the main aim of Bel Ga JSC. For Van Daele, reduced transport time for the chicks is one of the key strengths of the latest hatchery. Keeping stress to a minimum is important for their health and welfare.