Agrifood sector have remained resilient amid COVID-19. Agrifood producers, nutritionists and feed manufactures adapting to this new normal  to keep the supply steady and produce safe food for the consumer. However, the third wave of COVID-19 has created a worrisome situation. The lingering effects of COVID-19 and grain price volatility have dominated discussion from start of 2021. Whereas, Antibiotic-free production, Feed Alternatives and environment impact also been widely discussed. March 2021 has marked the highest surge in grain prices and  agrifood price (poultry, dairy, vegetables etc.).

Different agrifood sectors professionals have found to be actively involved in activities/workshops to discuss and devise agrifood plans to combat this unprecedented situation and thereafter. To promote antibiotic free poultry production and educate the poultry producers, a seminar on Use of antibiotics alternative in poultry production was arranged by UVAS and poultry professionals along with academicians participated in the seminar.

For dairy industry, a virtual Idea dairy workshop was organized by Alltech Pakistan in association with University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS). Keeping in view the changing dynamics of dairy business, the theme of the workshop was “Thinking in Dairy Future”. Minister Livestock and dairy Development, Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dreshak had participated in the event and appreciated that it was a timely organized activity.

For aquaculture industry, a virtual aqua feed consultative meeting was arranged by Alltech Pakistan in association with University of Education-Lahore and Nutritionist Association Pakistan (NAP). The aim was to gather the aqua feed professionals and stakeholders and academicians to discuss in depth the challenges of aqua feed industry.

All these activities concluded with various valuable recommendations but common and top of all was “collaborative working is way forward”. Agrifood professionals, Stakeholders, farmers, Feed millers, Academicians, people associated with the agrifood supply chain agreed to it that collaborations are the key to succeed in any aspect. Industry academic public private nexus should be made to better resolve the challenges in timely manner. Thinking and working together for a shared goal will allow effective utilization of resources and result in desired outcomes.