Fish farming takes place on much larger scales, using biofloc technology, internationally. The technology involves keeping fish in controlled environments in small tanks, with measured temperatures and oxygen levels. In the aqua farms of Vietnam and Thailand, the use of specific barometers helps maintain the water density and the concentration of minerals in water in check, further enhancing the quality of fish. In contrast to other animal breeding industries like poultry, fish farming is easier and cheaper. With an initial investment of around Rs80 on a fish, a six-month-long process of nurturing can increase their weight. The final produce can be sold for Rs300 in the market, said an entrepreneur Shoukat Hussain-Assam biofloc. Elaborating on the technology, Hussain said that a 1,000 fish could be bred in the tanks that are about four feet deep and roughly six to seven feet wide. In time and with more experience, these same tanks can be used to nurture up to 1,500 fish. Substances like lime, salt and molasses are required to keep the water free of pollutants. The daily maintenance of the tanks requires changing around 10Ltr. of water from lower levels of the tank. The setting cost of the tanks, with civil fees and plumbing charges, is around Rs70, 000.