Punjab’s farmers have been left behind in the race of digital presence so far, but now the agricultural experts from the province have planned to set up a dedicated online portal to help farmers bridge that gap. This portal will provide farmers with access to modern guidelines, experts, and researchers. It will also help the country meet the food security challenges in the future by assisting farmers in improving their output and increase total production.

The agricultural sector of Pakistan has immense untapped potential. The proposed portal can assist farmers in realizing that potential and improving their yield, said experts familiar with the matter.

The agriculture department has also welcomed the proposal by a group of farmers and has also offered its support.

It was reported that “The government would welcome any move that paves the way for the betterment of agriculture in the province.” He added, “Punjab Agriculture Department is ready to provide all possible assistance and guidance for the portal.”

Experts believe that farmers will be able to overcome such challenges with access to modern techniques and ideas.

Another Punjab-based farmer, Rana Mubashir Hassan, spoke to the media, saying, “Some people think that farmers in Pakistan are illiterate. That isn’t entirely true. Most families have at least one person who can use a mobile phone and internet to access the online information.”

He said that if the information is produced in an easy and consumable format, access will not be an issue. Videos in Urdu or other local languages will help the farmers, he added.