Nearly 1.5-1.7 animal species have been identified and their number is in billion. Veterinarians should feel proud owning this profession because despite their key role in Animal Health and Welfare, they have a greater responsibility when it comes to food security. As animal protein demand is increasing which means we’ll be needing more professionals to take care and provide solutions for sustainable food for the ever going population which will be 10 billion by 2050.

It is important that a vet should prepare himself for the future they want rightly before entering the market.


                                                                        ~  Know yourself ~

It looks simple but in actual a demanding task that requires person to self-analyze and mark what are his/her


  • Strengths
  • Area of Interests
  • Passion
  • Motivation

For anyone who aspire to pursue his dreams should first identify what attributes they must possess that can take him closer to their dream and make it happen. Doing self-evaluation during your study period provides you ample time to prepare yourself for what you are ambitious of.

Horizons for Veterinarian after study and characteristics they should possess.

EDUCATION                      V- Vision

E- Exploring

T- Trainer

VET in Education must have a vision and should able to translate it to others. They should have an exploring nature as science is not one day process, it’s a journey that will continue. Vet should have curiosity to explore innovative ideas. A vet should be a good trainer and must know how to train people.


E- Expressive

T- Trendsetter

VET as Entrepreneur should be versatile and should develop this habit to visualize and analyze  things/ situations from different angles when its comes to decision making. A vet has to be expressive as any idea that strike his mind he should express it. Successful Entrepreneurs think, execute and pursue their idea and make it happen. He should be a trendsetter, he must think on how he can do things differently, what the need of the hour is and how he can align his passion and set the trend for others.

JOBS                                  V- Values

E- Energetic

T- Target-centric

VET in Jobs must have values and deliver back values to the company. Values are important and can vary from person to person and can be perceived differently. Values like integrity, honesty, Loyalty and Commitment are some that a vet should possess. Serving in jobs for a period of one to two years often makes you disconnected and demotivated therefore its highly important for any vet doing job that he has to be energetic and must keep himself motivated and have reasons that drive him to next level.

To opt any of the three horizons of the veterinary profession, you must focused your energies. You must set targets and think big so you may achieve big in life. The major gaps between veterinary profession and industry are lack of counselling and market orientation. Keeping this in view, ABCD-Agribusiness Coaching and development program was designed for nurturing and coaching of the young professionals, guide them right direction and provide them insight into industry and the successful entrepreneurs so they may learn from their experiences and set their goals and align their attributes with it to achieve them. Markets like Livestock dairy, beef, Poultry, Pet and Aquaculture are all available for veterinary professional and there will always be a need of HR for the smooth working of these markets as we are the custodian, caretaker and solution provider for these animal protein market that has to be available for human consumption. There is a need that university should align curriculum by revisit-revision-reinnovate approach with the industry needs and develop industry academia linkages.